Celebrating Women in Math

To celebrate Women History’s Month,  the AWM chapter is spotlighting women in our department:

Veronique Bazier-Matte


Position: Assistant Research Professor

Research area: Cluster algebras and representation theory of algebras

Who inspired me: My professor when I was an undergrad student in mathematics education. He kept believing in me and in my abilities in mathematics even if I didn’t.

Non-math interest: Travelling, social dancing, climbing, hiking and food

Kathie Hall 

Position: Assistant Professor in Residence 

Research area: Knot Theory and recently topics related to Undergraduate Math Education

Who inspired me: I always liked math.  My mom inspired me originally. My middle and high school teachers furthered my interest in math, and I was surrounded by classmates throughout college and graduate school who kept me going!

Non-math interest: I like hiking, kayaking and ceramics.

Sarah Glaz

Position: Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Research area: Most of my research is in the areas of Commutative Algebra and Homological Algebra. I have done in the past some research in Mathematics Education. In recent years, I am also engaged in research in the History of Mathematics and in the connections between mathematics, its history, and poetry. Selected reprints and preprints can be found on my website:https://www.math.uconn.edu/~glaz/

Who inspired me: My most important source of inspiration was mathematics itself. I had always loved it and been good at it. In my undergraduate years, I took several graduate courses that influenced my choice of mathematical area. Particularly, I took a course in Homological Algebra and a course in Algebraic Geometry that were challenging and inspiring. This is when I fell in love with Algebra.

Non-math interest: I have a serious interest in, and also write, poetry. My poetry is often inspired by mathematics and its history. In 2017, Antrim House published a collection of my mathematical poems, “Ode to Numbers.” More information about this book can be found at:https://www.math.uconn.edu/~glaz/Ode_to_Numbers/index.html

Erin Rizzie

Position: Assistant Professor in Residence

Research area: My Ph.D. thesis was in Composition Operators, but my most recent scholarly work has been in undergraduate teaching and learning

Who inspired me: I was a math major in undergrad with plans to teach math at the middle school or high school level. I had never really considered grad school, but I did an REU after my sophomore year of undergrad. My faculty REU mentor gave me confidence to continue to a Ph.D. program. She helped me understand that, even when I felt like I wasn’t understanding anything about the project, I was progressing, creating new knowledge: I was doing mathematics.

Non-math interest: I love to bake with my kids, and I hope one day soon to be able/ready to go swimming again. I miss the pool!